Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 - I am a Baby Duck!

Trial run for the costume before the big night (we'll have to do something about those feet)

Halloween Night - posing with daddy

After Trick-or-Treating (didn't understand "Trick or Treat" but said "Thank you")

Fall Days

We've had lots of fun so far this fall! Going to the Scarecrow Patch, riding on a float in the Paxton Labor Day parade, playing in the leaves, and playing in the snow (snow?? seriously snow?).

Sledding with Gramps!

Snow on Halloween?!?

Playing in the leaves

Riding on Grammie's parade float!

On the slide with Mama at the Scarecrow Patch

Hanging with Daddy

I really liked the goats (hint, hint Gramps)

This pony is just my size!


Everyday Pictures

My Mohawk

My fake pouting face

I accessorized myself - sunglasses and flipflops

My "Alfalfa" hair

Summer Fun

We had a wonderful summer full of new and exciting adventures which included vacations to the lake with Gramps and Grammie, trips to the park with my pals, mowing with dad, popsicles, golf, and corn on the cob (just to name a few)!

Corn on the cob - why haven't I heard about this before???

It looks scary, but I laughed the whole time!

Playing in the sand!

Driving the boat!

With Grammie

With Gramps and Grammie

Me and my pals at the park

I love the slide!

Golfing - a favorite pastime!

Look at that stance!

Of course, golf carts are the highlight of golfing!

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Eating popsicles with daddy

Wait!! Where's mine??

Mowing with daddy - another favorite pastime!

And, of course, I loved the pool!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's So Much Fun To Be One!!

What a wonderful birthday!! I had 3 parties - the first with Mommy and Daddy, the second with my Grand Island friends, and the third with Gramps, Grammie, Uncle Trav, and lots of family. Along with the wonderful parties came wonderful gifts and three (sugar filled) wonderful cakes. (Mommy says I can't have anymore cake till I turn 2!)
What a wonderful year it has been, full of memories, milestones, and lots of fun and laughter!

My Birthday Breakfast (waffles)

Opening Presents with Mommy and Daddy

More Fun Presents

My Pool

My Four Wheeler (I love It)

My New Sandbox (Daddy made it!)

Cake #1 (at home)

Playing in my "Pool" at my party

Playing with Kylan in my pool

With Mallie and Kylan - Playing in the Sand

Opening Presents

What is This??

It's a Car!

Cake #2 (before I dug in)

After I Dug in

My Party at the Golf Course

Opening Presents (My 1st set of Clubs!)

Learning to play golf with Gramps

Cake #3 (Yum, Grammie)

More Cake!

Golfing with Daddy and Gramps